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Slim Weight Patch

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Weightloss and Burning Fat

How Do I Lose Weight?
Here at Weightloss Reviews, we’ve worked pretty hard at discovering some great weightloss diet programs, both good AND bad. We will never promote a product that we don’t fully believe in, based on proven testimonials, or our own personal experiences. The FTC tries to get rid of products that advertise false claims but it obviously can’t catch everyone. So you have to believe in who you are reading. You need to make informed decisions on food, and medicine, or anything you are putting into your body, and we hope our reviews can help in this area. So how do you lose weight? Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the same tried and true method of eating healthy and exercise is the best method. There are several great products that can help you burn fat in CONJUNCTION with having a healthy daily lifestyle, but nothing will replace it. Some products may claim you can do less of one thing or another, however it’s always recommended to remain active, and eat good.

Fad Diets
You need to watch out for those fad diets that are here today, gone tomorrow. People do actually lose weight with some of them, but do they keep it off? They are typically diets that require severe calorie reduction or very strict food limitations and these are very hard to maintain long-term. When you limit someone’s natural lifestyle, what’s the point? You may lose a few pounds for awhile – but are you really happy? We try and review products that don’t put on these strict requirements because we know that they aren’t successful in the long run. It’s just human nature.

Did you know that high protein, low carb diets have UNKNOWN long term side effects?
Who wants to do start a diet where the effects just are not clear? The fact is that you can eat carbs, fats, protein, sugars – as long as you do it in moderation. There are several potential risks when you limit your body of a particular type of food, like carbohydrates. Is it worth that risk? Why not use diets that don’t put strict limits on your choices like this – that don’t have unknown long-term side effects.

Low fat or fat free foods may or may not be low in calories
Some “low fat” or “fat free” foods actually contain the same # of calories as regular foods. You really need to read the labels before assuming ANYTHING that is being sold to you. This is a good practice for anyone buying pretty much anything.

Burning Fat
There are many diet products out there that claim to help you lose 50+ lbs in a matter of weeks. These are usually false claims just to get you to buy their product. Weight loss and burning fat is a slow and steady process. There’s a health risk with losing weight too quickly. Some fat burning products use harsh ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful to your body. You may lose some weight, but it will require you to ingest things you may not want to – or worse, you gain the weight back once you stop taking their pills. Natural ingredients are generally safer that some of those crazy, speedy diet pills you see promoted everywhere. Just remember to do your research before starting a particular program. We’ve worked hard at finding some decent alternatives here, and I hope you take a look at our reviews above.